A lot of businesses have opted for mobile app development during the lockdown imposed because of the spread of coronavirus. This is the only way through which processes can keep their revenue funnel ameliorating. Today in this blog we will observe how a fitness company, Peloton is using a mobile app to deliver seamless services to its clients.

Peloton is a fitness company that uses design and technology to connect the world together through fitness. It is making a dedicated attempt to empower people to become the best version of themselves. It brings the community and their love for boutique fitness at home. They make the most of a combination of tech, content, and trainers to strengthen the user base through fitness.  

What Is The Buzz? 

The company has recently witnessed a 66% upsurge in third-quarter sales. The reason behind this is the pandemic, as it is forcing the businesses to discover exciting and brand new ways to workout from home. It also hosted its largest class ever. Almost 23,000 fitness lovers joined in for a live workout session together. 

Because of this, the company was able to generate $524.6 million of quarterly revenue. The peloton was able to relish a jump of 8%. This clearly suggests that the integration of the application into the business opens up a lot of promising opportunities.  

More About Peloton & Its Success Through Mobile App

Because of the lockdown imposed due to COVID-19, a lot of the population is forced to remain indoors. That is why fitness lovers are dedicatedly finding a way to exercise that does not include visiting the gym. Peloton, a fitness company is helping out the users to remain fit even during the lockdown. The brand sells stationary bikes and mobile applications to its user base. This allows the users to get hold of multiple virtual workouts running high on demand. 

As a result of the seamless services their application provides, their sales have boosted 66% during the third quarter. A lot of people are now following home working out routines because of the lockdown. Therefore, almost 23,000 users hopped on a live workout hosted by the brand's head instructor. The company is delivering the users with amazing content and settling their home workout requirements.  

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The company provides two major memberships. Take a look at the following- 

  • The all-access subscription that is available with a purchase of a bike.
  • A digital membership for users who have their own bike and want to dwell into the pool of content provided by the brand through training, running classes, yoga, and whatnot.  

According to John Foley, the CEO of the fitness brand, a lot of users are subscribing. This is a clear indication of the fact that the pandemic will transform the fitness routines of many. The brand has been able to fetch a lot of engagement because of its impressive expansion of content verticals. Its brand new membership experience is winning the hearts of many.  

The success came sliding in when the parts of their mobile application were made free for the users, just because of the lockdown.  

This application is a great example for other brands to merge their business with the seamlessness of mobile applications. As the threat of coronavirus is increasing, people prefer staying at home and focusing on their health rather than visiting the gym. This presents a great opportunity for a lot of brands to jump on the success bandwagon and integrate a fitness mobile application into their process.       

It would be interesting to witness what app tech has in store for other businesses. Drop-in your views about Peloton's application and stay tuned for more updates.